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What does a typical show look like?

Check out this link! The first 45 minutes-1hr is my usual show. I was joined by a special guest lead guitarist for the rest of the show. 


4/23/23- Looking forward to a spring and summer full of music! Thank you to Birdhouse Brewery for inviting me out last weekend, it was a fun night. It was an amazing crowd, y'all were so supportive! Next up, No BS Brewery in Livonia and 5 Sons Winery/RG Brewery in Brockport. Check the performances tab of the site for my full calendar of events! We're hoping to add lots more this summer, so stay tuned. Hope to see you there! -14Frets

10/29/2022- Exciting new updates! Most important of all: K9 Furi has received a ballistics vest! HERE you can read this good boy's bio and learn why he really needs a vest to protect him as he works with a Violent Street Crimes Task Force in South Carolina. Keep following the site to see all of the details! Also, I am super excited to start up again after a short break, it's been too long! However, in my time off I have a huge amount of new material in my setlist, incorporating more Appalachian style country music, and, after a literal year of people asking, I finally learned a Jewel song ;). Hope to see y'all soon! -14Frets :)

7/27/2022- Thank you all so much for your help with our K9 Fundraiser! Our final total was $5532. Click to HERE read more!

5/2/2022- So excited for summer y'all!!! I have a ton of fun music and events for this upcoming season. It will be great to be playing outside again! I will be at RG Brewery/Five Sons Winery from 6-8 on May 14th. The Sunset Live music series there is so much fun, I'd love it if you could join us :). Also, I have a few wonderful charity events lined up! The Little Lakes Community Center in Honeoye will be hosting an event to benefit the people of Ukraine. The concert will feature some truly incredible musicians. In addition, I'll be playing before and after the Memorial Day parade. Join us for the parade and some music to remember those who have given their lives for the USA. I will also be at the very awesome No BS Brewery and at Noble Shepherd Brewery throughout the summer. This summer is going to be the best! Stay tuned for new music on both the YouTube channel and in my live music. See y'all soon! -14 Frets

1/1/2022- Happy New Year y'all!! This past year has been absolutely amazing, and I have you all to thank for that. Thank you to all of the breweries who took a chance and hired a 15-year-old musician to play and thank you to all the people who stuck around to hear some music from me. I truly love sharing all of my favorite songs with you all, and I can't wait to see what 2022 brings! Towards the end of December 2021, I finished and released my first single of my 2022 album. The single is titled "Lost" and can be found anywhere you stream music, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, and about a hundred more! And yes... there will be an EP from 14 Frets this year! Not sure what it's called yet, but it will be full of 5 or more originals. And also yes... you're going to have to wait and see what the tracks are! Cheers to an amazing year and hello to an even better one! Much love to all, -14 Frets :) 

11/23- Okay, I know... I took down a lot of videos. However, I believe that those clips no longer represented any of my best work. These videos will soon be replaced by studio-quality recordings and better YouTube videos. I have so many ideas for fun songs to post on YouTube. I actually got approved for Live Streaming on YouTube... so check that out for more virtual music. I know sometimes it's hard to hear the words, so I will be (hopefully soon) uploading a studio quality recording of my original, " Lost", along with lyrics.

11/21- Wow! Last night was unexpected and absolutely incredible! A huge thanks to Martin for coming out to play my break and after the show. It was a great experience and I loved trying those duets for the first time. In addition, thanks for all who came out to watch and enjoy No BS Brew Company on a Saturday night! Lastly, thank you to No BS Brew Company for having me (again). Definitely an awesome place to play, and the atmosphere is great! Check out new audio clips recorded without background noise (you asked for it, I delivered. Make no mistake, editing 2 and a half hours of audio clips was not fun). Hope you enjoy! :)

9/8- Thank you so much to all of you who signed up for the mailing list! The first news page will be coming out shortly. The YouTube channel will start having videos very soon as well. The private event yesterday (opening day at CCCSD) was very cool and also terrifying, so thank you to my wonderful teachers for that opportunity and also thank you to all of the administrators who made that happen!

9/3- I had an amazing time last night playing at RG Brewery/5 Sons Winery. A huge thank you to all of you who came out to support me! A BIG thank you to Martin, who is an amazing musician and the impromptu duet turned out great. Also... thanks to my bestie Lily, who seems to remember lyrics better than I do ;). As for the website updates: we fixed a glitch with the mailing list form (sorry about that y'all!!) and changed up some of the performance calendar formatting. There is now a new public google calendar for better ease of access and more events have been added! Another 'coming soon' announcement: we will be launching a 14Frets official YouTube channel you will be able to subscribe to, get notifications, listen to songs and more! (I mean, if you want to.) We figure it will be much easier for everybody. Don't worry though, if you like the "Videos" tab on this site it's not going away. 

8/29- Coming SOON! I will be releasing a music video for my (only) original, Lighthouse! No spoilers, but I will say that it was filmed at an actual lighthouse! In addition, jump over to the videos page for a new cover, Tin Man by Miranda Lambert.

8/16- Some cool site updates this evening! Hope you like the new videos page, and also a technical improvement on the two forms. We added a better bot protection to keep your emails safer and keep the form more secure :) Check it out by clicking videos, contact 14Frets, or mailing list!

8/10- I have started adding dates to these announcements, they were quite confusing before! My apologies. Today I made a ton of cool site updates live and more are coming. Now live: Mailing list, updated song list and contact form. Coming soon: More song videos!

Thanks again to No BS Brewery for having me out last Friday, it was a fantastic evening, and I am so excited to return in September.

Thank you so much once again to the whole Travis Prinzi band. Check out their website here. They are truly amazing musicians and wonderful people. Thank you as well to No BS Brew Company for having me, I am so excited to come back and play for y'all next Friday!! It was such a great performance venue, and it was an incredible experience.

Awesome updates to the website today!! Check out the new contact form, plus photos and videos from my first performance today!

Surprise open mic night at McCulley's last night (7/22)! Thank you to everyone who came and thanks to the other amazing musicians who played last night for this opportunity.

So excited to be playing for the first time at No BS brewery, thank you SO much to the Travis Prinzi band!!